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Otari mx5050,revox a700

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otari mx5050

The Otari MX5050 tape decks are a commercial grade RTR machine that was marketed towards recording studios, TV, and radio stations. Generally speaking, they were not designed for the home audio market, although many of these decks are found in audiophile systems due to their stellar performance and high reliability.

Most 5050 2 channel models have a control under the head cover to switch to a ¼ track playback head, so that you can play back ¼ track tapes as well as play and record in ½ track mode. The decks came with 7 ½ and 15 IPS speeds, however there is an option on the power supply board that allows you to use the deck in 3 ¾ and 7 ½ IPS mode. Recalibration of the deck is required however, as the record and playback eq curves will be incorrect otherwise.

The MX5050 has three direct drive motors, which simplifies the transport significantly. The only belt in the Mk1 version is for the mechanical tape counter. Versions II and III used digital tape counters, so no belt is required.

revox a700

revox pr99mk2


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