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Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S Bluetooth Headset kõrvaklapid uued

Kuulutuse number: 10192263

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Müüa täiesti tuttuus, avamata originaalpakendis uuendatud muudel Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S TWS Bluetooth Headset.
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Redmi AirDots S VS Redmi AirDots 1: Differences

There have two main differences between Redmi AirDots S and Redmi AirDots.

1. The master-slave connection was canceled

The old Redmi AirDots uses a master-slave connection to connect to your device. First, the right ear is connected to your phone, and then the left earplug is automatically connected to the right earplug. While the new Redmi AirDots S cancels the master-slave connection. When the Redmi AirDots S was first paired with the phone, the two earbuds were actually connected. Monaural/binaural mode can also be switched seamlessly when we put on only one headset and play in mono, we can quickly restore stereo with the other one, and users don't have to repair.

2. Add a new low latency game mode

Redmi AirDots S has a Bluetooth 5. 0 chip, and its data transmission capacity is twice that of the previous generation Redmi AirDots. The connection is also faster and more stable. In addition, Redmi AirDots S also adds a new low-latency game mode, which can be activated by pressing a button on the headset three times.


1. Quick link: Auto link Put on and listen.

2. 1&2 switch: 1 or 2 ears mode Seamless shift.

3. Game mode: Triple tap Into ‘lower lag mode’.

4. bluetooth 5.0: New BT technology More stable fast.

5. 12h with box: With charging box About 6 movies.

6. Voice control: Call voice assistant Voice control phone.

 First pair:

1. Take out two earphones and it will turn on automatically.

2. Refresh the phone's Bluetooth device, and click Redmi Airdots S to connect.

3. Put the earphone back into the charging box, the earphone lights red, then disconnect automatically, take out the earphone and light white, then automatically connect back.


How to reset the headset:

1.Long press the multifunction key for 15 seconds, until the red and white lights flash alternately 3 times and go out, the device reset successfully;

2. Ignore or unpair Redmi AirDots S in the Bluetooth device list of the phone, delete the connection record, and complete the reset.



  Brand  Xiaomi Redmi 

  Name  Airdots S

  Model  TWSEJ05LS

  Color  Black

  Wearing Type  In-ear

  Material  ABS

  Net Weight (g)  35.4g

  Dimensions  Charging box: 62×40×27.2mm
  Earphone: 26.65×16.4×21.6mm

Technical Parameters

  Microphone  Yes

  Bluetooth Chip  Realtek RTL8763BFR

  Bluetooth Version  V5.0

  Transmission Distance  10m

  Bluetooth protocol  HFP/A2DP/ HSP/AVRCP

  Impedance  32Ω

  Frequency Response  20-20kHz

  Battery Capacity  Charging box: 300mAh, 3.7V
  Earphne: 43mAh, 3.7V

  Charging Time (h)  1.5-2h

  Working Time (h)  12h

  Standby Time (h)  150h

Package  Included: 

 1* Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone with Charging Box

 2 pairs of eartips

 1* Manual

 Note: without charging cable

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